No One Measures Up… Worldwide.

With a history that spans three centuries, CST/berger brings an unparalleled expertise to designing, developing and manufacturing leveling and layout instruments. CST/berger tools and accessories are built to survive the toughest jobsites and packed with innovative features – leading the way for the building, construction and survey markets.

The company is the union of two measuring tool specialist manufacturers: Chicago Steel Tape, founded in 1903, and Berger Instruments, founded in 1871. After merging in 1994, the company developed global leadership in leveling and layout instruments. The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation acquired CST/berger in 2008, helping it to become a leader in measuring and leveling technology.

Whether you are looking for a measuring, leveling or layout solution, you can find the right tool here.

Rotary Lasers

Robust design and ultimate accuracy for outdoor and long-range indoor leveling applications.

Long Tapes

Durable tapes in steel or fiberglass.